Electroencephalogram (EEG)

This procedure is one hour in length, and requires you to be reclining back in the chair. During the test, we will place 23 electrodes on your scalp using the 10-20 International Placement Standard, and two electrodes on either side of your heart to monitor EKG.

The electrodes are attached to your scalp with a water-soluble paste that will wash out with shampoo and water.

The goal of the EEG is to record and observe your brain’s electrical activity. The test itself takes roughly 30 minutes, the remaining time is spent attaching and removing the electrodes.

During the test, it is important to stay relaxed. We will need you to remain still with your eyes closed. Movement, talking, and blinking can all change your brain’s activity, which is why we need to have you remain silent and still.

Our lab is limited in space and can only accomodate you and the technician. We ask that family and friends remain in the waiting area, unless it is medically necessary to the test.

Prior to testing

The night before testing, please wash and dry your hair. A clean, dry head is needed for accurate testing.

The day of the test do not use any hairstyling products such as gels, creams, pastes, pomades or hairspray. These products cause a build-up on the scalp and hinder the process to obtain accurate testing.

Please do not stop any medications for the test unless instructed by your physician. We do not advise that you stop any medication for this test alone. Your physician is aware of your medications, and these won’t change the test results.

Please wear comfortable clothing for the test. The placement of the electrodes require that we be able to place two on your chest, wearing things such as turtle necks can shift the electrodes during testing.

After testing

There will be a layer of paste left on your scalp. The paste is water-soluble and will come out with shampoo and warm water. You may, however, need to shampoo more than once to completely remove the paste. OSHA regulations prohibit us to allow you to wash your hair in the office sinks.

The paste will not harden should you not be able to wash your hair right away.

Because this is not an invasive procedure, there should be no after affects from it.

The test results typically take a week from the date of your test to be available for review. Unless your physician instructs you otherwise, you will get your results at your next follow up visit.


These pages are intended to provide basic information about neurological procedures to the general public. It is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical advice, and readers are warned against changing medical schedules and activities without first consulting a physician.